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Volume 9 Number 1 January, February, March 2019

Vol. 9, No. 1 January, February, March: The Harper Classic Wolf by Jonathan Young, Double Shot: The Epitome of Versatility by Luke Clayton, New products from Umarex Airguns for 2019 by Airgun Hobbyist, Editor’s Choice: The Colt Peacemaker Air Pistol by Tim Smith, Iguana Pest Control: Hatsan Does It Again! by Jim Chapman, The Diminutive Jaguar Arms Cub by Larry Hannusch, Ton’s Deer Enchiladas Recipe by Ton Jones, Diana Bandit: PCP Repeating Air Pistol by Benjamin Smith, A Quick Look at the Short Shroud from Hunters Supply by Airgun Hobbyist, The Anics A-9000S by Jonathan Young, Airgun Hunting...the in’s and out’s...oh, a marmot! by Joe Iturralde, Save a Little Money and Experience a Little History by Mike Garifo, Pass it on down by Tim Smith, Springfield M1 Carbine Replica Airgun for 2019! by Airgun Hobbyist, Decisions, Decisions by John Hooper, Field Target: Pellets by Paul Porch, Gene’s Tech Tip by Gene Salvino, It’s a Daisy of a Firearm by Joe C. Murfin, Hatsan SpeedFire by Gordon D. Smith, Hey, Check This Out. by Airgun Hobbyist, The Zenit Air Pistol by Trevor Adams, Polka-dot Pistol by Jock Elliott

Volume 8 Number 4 October, November, December 2018

Vol. 8, No. 4 October, November, December: A Very German Webley Service by Jonathan Young, Daystate Red Wolf by Gordon D. Smith, Seneca Dragonfly Multi-Pump Repeating Air Rifle by Tim Smith, Meet the Hammer by Airgun Hobbyist, An Introduction to Military Air Rifle Trainers-Part II by Larry Hannusch, Hammer Time by Jim Chapman, Flash QE by Benjamin Smith, Ton’s Biscuit Bomb’s Recipe by Ton Jones, The Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge by Joe Iturralde, Gene’s Tech Tip by Gene Salvino, How the field target match is played and what to expect by Paul Porch, Something a Little Different by Airgun Hobbyist, Umarex USA’s Legends MP by Gordon D. Smith, Daisy National BB Gun Championship Match by Lawrence Taylor, Her First Gun by Tim Smith, De-soldering Tool by Joe C. Murfin, Heir Conditioning by Martin Stafford

Volume 8 Number 3 July, August, September 2018

Vol. 8, No. 3 July, August, September: Meet Alexis Lagan by Airgun Hobbyist, Ratting by Charlie Portlock, A Shooter’s Choice by Trevor Adams, Quick Kill by Dave Albert, The Menz Olympia by Jonathan Young, An Introduction to Military Air Rifle Trainers-Part I by Larry Hannusch, That Was Then, This Is Now by John Hooper, Hey, I’ve been looking for that! by Sue Smith, The HellBoy by Tim Smith, The Tueller Drill by Airgun Hobbyist, Celebrating 30 Years! Eddie Eagle by Airgun Hobbyist, An Era of Service and Survival by Joe C. Murfin, Aiming Back in Time by Mike Garifo, Field Targe: How to Configure the Scope by Paul Porch, TUSKER: The Life of a Wild Boar by Luke Clayton, The DAISY ‘Defender’ BB Rifle by Trevor Adams

Volume 8 Number 2 April, May, June 2018

Vol. 8, No. 2 April, May, June: Modern Gun Safety by Guy J. Sagi, Flexed Trigger Finger Register Rationale by Massad Ayoob, The Healthways Western Plainsman Revolver by Trevor Adams, Sink the Boats by Tim Smith, Meet Rachel Martin by Airgun Hobbyist, The Ultra – Hi Model BB76 Pioneer by Jonathan Young, Top Ten Tips: Eastern Gray Squirrels by Charlie Portlock, Rabbit Camp by Luke Clayton, Sears Joins the Western Parade by Larry Hannusch, 2018 SHOT Show Roundup by Gordon D. Smith, Ton’s Meatloaf Pucks Recipe by Ton Jones, Replicas of a Classic by James E. House, Field Target: What is it? And how to play to win! by Paul Porch, The Rapid Air Weapons TM1000 by Jock Elliott The Case of the Caseless Cartridge by Trevor Adams

Volume 8 Number 1 January, February, March 2018

Vol. 8, No. 1 January, February, March: The Riptor by Tim Smith, Could Have Done It With Air! by Luke Clayton, An Air Pistol With No Moving Parts by Trevor Adams, Meet Eric Henderson of Adventures Afield by Airgun Hobbyist, Early European Break Barrel Airguns by Jonathan Young, The Eyes have it, or do they? by Charlie Summers, Archway to Airgun Nirvana by Gordon D. Smith, Ace in the Hole by Tim Smith, An Early Wentzlau Combination Air Rifle by Larry Hannusch, Airgunning: "On the Wing" by Luke Clayton, Happy Daisy Boy by Daisy Museum, Appraising the S&W 327 TRR8 by James E. House, Quick Look: Rifle Premium Pellets by Sue Smith, Remington Model 1875 by Benjamin Smith, Advice from an Olympian by Lydia Patterson, KalibrGun Cricket in .22 by Gordon D. Smith, The SASS Motto, “Murphy’s Law” by John Hooper, Mind, Body & Soul by Charlie Portlock, Sun Optics USA: 10 Years Strong by Airgun Hobbyist, An Airgun Experience by Mike Garifo, Smith & Wesson's Air Guns by Trevor Adams

Volume 7 Number 4 October, November, December 2017

Vol. 7, No. 4 October, November, December 2017: The Model D Lincoln Air Rifle by Jonathan Young, FX Wildcat by Gordon D. Smith, Meet Olympian: Lydia Paterson by Airgun Hobbyist, The Embark By James E. House, Unraveling the Mystery of the Top Cocking Parlor Air Rifle by Larry Hannusch, Camp Cookin’ by Luke Clayton, Pyramyd Air Cup 2017! by Paul Porch, FX Streamline and MTC Viper Scope By Sue Smith, Spartan Air Gun by Bob Campbell MantisX Training System by Tim Smith, Kral Arms N-07 by William Kowal, SA10 Air Pistol by Benjamin Smith, Daisy National BB Gun Championship by Tim Smith, Wild Rifles by Charlie Portlock, THE COBRA BITES BACK ! by Jonathan Young, Pass the Baton by John Hooper, A chat with the President of Daisy, Gamo & BSA: Keith Higginbotham by Airgun Hobbyist, Herbert Schmidt KG Air Guns by Trevor Adams

Volume 7 Number 3 July, August, September 2017

Vol. 7, No. 3 July, August, September 2017: The Rutten Winstar Mach 1 DE by Jonathan Young, Not Trash... Targets! by Benjamin Smith, The Genius of George Lincoln Jefferies by Trevor Adams, BB Buggie by Airgun Hobbyist, Meet the “Urban Airgunner”: Rick Ward by Tim Smith, FX Airguns Streamline by Sue Smith, ....they make such a lovely couple! by Larry Hannusch, Floating for Hogs by Luke Clayton, Ruger Yukon Air Rifle from Umarex by Gordon D. Smith, It's a Daisy? by The Daisy Museum, The “Rail Lock” by William Kowal, Rifle Airgun Ammunition by Airgun Hobbyist, ‘lil Duke by Tim Smith, Thank you, Daisy! by Joe C. Murfin, Air Venturi Tank & Adapter by Airgun Hobbyist, The Illusive Quackenbush No 8 Air Rifle & Its Brothers, No 6 & No 7 Air Rifles by Terry Wittmer, The Saturday Afternoon Shooter by John Hooper, The BSA Mk 1 Air Rifle by Trevor Adams

Volume 7 Number 2 April, May, June 2017

Vol. 7, No. 2 April, May, June 2017: Henry M. Stewart Jr. Firearms Collection by Tim Smith, More Than One Way To Harvest a Boar by Luke Clayton, SHOT Show 2017 by Gordon D. Smith, A Few Variations of the Champion Air Pistol by Larry Hannusch, Air Gun Games by Charlie Portlock, The SSP Revolution by Jonathan Young, The Student Air Rifle Program by Gordon D. Smith, Workshop Project to Production Floor by Airgun Hobbyist, The Quackenbush Big Bores by Jim Chapman, The Webley Service Air Rifle by John Milewski, Field Target Smorgasbord by Sue Smith, Airguns from Produsit LTD, of Birmingham,UK by Trevor Adams, Western Replicas by Benjamin Smith, An Incredible Person: Jess Galan by Tim Smith, A note remembering Jess by Joe C. Murfin, The First Air Gun in New Zealand by Trevor Adams

Volume 7 Number 1 January, February, March 2017

Vol. 7, No. 1 January, February, March 2017: The Britannia Air Rifle Part II by Jonathan Young, .35 Big Bore Carnivore from Hatsan by Gordon D. Smith, The Elegant Crosman 600 by James E. House, Rabbit Hunting: A Time Honored Tradition by Luke Clayton, Early Benjamin Repeating Air Pistols by Larry Hannusch, Believe It or Not! by Trevor Adams, Spring Compressor by Sue Smith, Ready Aim Fire! by Airgun Hobbyist, HOT AIR by Luke Clayton, Mystery Pistol by Tim Smith, A Modern Pneumatic Long Rifle by Jock Elliott, How to Train for Elevated Shots by Charlie Portlock, Browning Buck Mark Air Pistol by Tim Smith, Hunter Plus ll HP Predator by Duane Sorensen, Interactive Multi Target Training System by Gordon D. Smith, Speed Strips by William Kowal, Colt NRA Peacemaker by Benjamin Smith, Max Michel BB Pistol by Tim Smith, Pyramyd Air Cup by Airgun Hobbyist , The Day I Shot the Dryer by Mike Garifo, The ABAS Major Air Pistol’s Story by Trevor Adams

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Volume 6 Number 4 October, November, December 2016

Vol. 6, No. 4 October, November, December 2016: Gas-rams and springs and pistons: Oh my! What is a springer? by Jock Elliott, Pumping Daisies by Marshall Nych, Big Bore Airgun Hog Hunt by Benjamin Smith, The classic Russian Mosin–Nagant Carbine by Michael Kowal, The FX Royale 500 Synthetic by Gordon D. Smith, The Elusive BSA Military Pattern Air Rifle by Larry Hannusch, Air Powered Shotgun! by Jim Chapman, Big Gun for a Big Bull by Luke Clayton, A Look at the ISSC M22 BB Pistol by James E. House, The Britannia Air Rifle by Jonathan Young, Air, Arrows and Hogs by Tim Smith, What is a springer? by Charlie Portlock, Hunting with Lacy by Benjamin Smith, Daisy National BB Gun Match by Airgun Hobbyist, For your eyes only; a possible solution for cross-dominance by Charlie Summers, Fritz Barthelmes' Air Pistols by Trevor Adams

Volume 6 Number 3 - July, August, September

Vol. 6, No. 3 July, August, September 2016: Let the Spring Sing by Charlie Portlock, The Hy-Score Model 805 Pocket Air Pistol by Trevor Adams, Airgun Barrels and Shooting Performance by Tim McMurray and Dennis O’Flaherty, ARROWS AND AIR? WHY NOT! by Luke Clayton, The Apache CO2 Rifle by Larry Hannusch, Brocock’s Grand Prix S6 Elite Pistol by Gordon D. Smith, A New Look for Crosman’s Revolver: The Vigilante by James E. House, 2016 NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibits by Airgun Hobbyist, The Benjamin 250 What’s not to like? by Larry Hannusch, Squirrels: Possibly the Perfect Small Bore Game Animal! by Luke Clayton, Nikon Prostaff 7i Rangefinder by Gordon D. Smith, The Airsporter Stutzen RB2: What a Beauty! by Jonathan Young, The Elusive Brass Valve Crosman 38 by Airgun Hobbyist, Gearing up... by Tim Smith, Stuff and Nonsense by Mike Garifo, Necessity is the Mother of Invention. And so is Simplicity. by Charlie Summers, Call us in 50 years by Joe Murfin, The Haenel 311: A Wealth of Airgun History in One Rifle by Ron Gill, Colt Defender Replica by Benjamin Smith The Benjamin Super 25 Shot BB Rifle by Trevor Adams

Volume 6 Number 2 - April, May, June

Vol. 6, No. 2 April, May, June 2016 The Hatsan Carnivore .30 Caliber Springer! by Jim Chapman, The "Titan" Air Pistol by Trevor Adams Mirror Image by Tim Smith SHOT Show 2016 by Gordon D. Smith, A Hunt in Progress by Luke Clayton, 2nd Amendment Red Ryder by Joe Murfin, Jim Chapman: American Airgun Hunter by Airgun Hobbyist, SIG P 250 Airgun by Bob Campbell, Handguns with Panache by James E. House, A Trio of Fine Steins by Larry Hannusch, HOT AIR by Luke Clayton, The Pleasure of Plinking by Charlie Portlock, Have Lemons? Make Lemonade; Raccoons? Try Guisado! by Luke Clayton, Passing of a Legend-Ron Sauls by Various, The RACK by Trevor Adams A Dilemma by Mike Garifo

Volume 6 Number 1 - January, February, March

Vol. 6, No. 1 January, February, March 2016 The Air Rifleman by Benjamin Smith, “Modoc” Big Bore by Gordon D. Smith, The Acvoke Air Pistol by Trevor Adams, NRA National Sporting Arms Museum by Tim Smith, Air Power & Lead by Tim Smith, Daisy Golf Balls are Out of this World! by Joe Murfin, The Game That Ups Your Total Shooting Savvy by Tim McMurray and Dennis O’Flaherty, My Thoughts On The Little Airguns by Bob Campbell, Lesson in British Airgun History by Chris Martin, Why We Hunt? by Luke Clayton, BSA Cadet and Cadet-Major Air Rifles by Larry Hannusch, Not a Classic in Name Only by James E. House, What is Long Range? by Luke Clayton, Host of American Airgunner TV by Airgun Hobbyist, Hot Air by Luke Clayton,Pyramyd Air Cup by Airgun Hobbyist, Nagant 1895 Replica by Tim Smith, US Field Target National Championships by Sue Smith, Late Nite Airgun Trivia by Mike Garifo, Precision Airguns Traveling Van by Gordon D. Smith

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Volume 5 Number 4 - October, November, December 2015

Vol. 5, No. 4 October, November, December 2015 Umarex Model 712 Selbstlade Pistole M712 by Bob Campbell, WEIHRAUCH Quality made in Germany by Tim Smith Big Bores for Young Hunters by Luke Clayton, EXPERIMENTING WITH THE DAISY MODEL 74 by James E. House, Basic geometry, no magic. Bipod Shooting Sticks by Tim Smith, The RWS 54 - an underrated classic by Jock Elliott, Daisy National BB Gun Championship Match by Tim Smith, The Walther Rotek PCP Rifle by Jim Chapman, Got Air? by Gordon D. smith, Haenel Boys’ Model Air Rifles by Larry Hannusch, Who are they now? by Joe C. Murfin, Hot Air by Luke Clayton, Behind every great American...Excerpt from a speech by Ray Hobbs, Western Big Bore Bushbuck 45 by Gordon D. Smith, Digital For Day Or Night Hunting by Luke Clayon, Rainstorm by Danni Layton, Ready Aim Fire! by Airgun Hobbyist, Stumbling onto Stuff by Mike Garifo

Volume 5 Number 3 - July, August, September 2015

The Colt Peacemaker, Scope Shopping 101, 144th NRA Annual Meeting, The Crosman GI Model 1911 Pistol, BSA's R10 Mk2, Mid-bore Hunter!, Country Jam V, The Obscure Gamester Air Pistol, My Condor is too powerful?, One Airgun, Rifle and Shotgun? Yes! The Pro 20 Crosman 400 Repeater, Universal Smartphone Optics Adapter, Remington Express XP Tactical, HK 45 Replica in .177 BB & 6mm Airsoft, Eddie Eagle, Save a Little Money and Experience a Little History, A Little Trigger Time, Action Shooting Sports for the whole family Crosman 262Y, Hot Air, The Britannia Air Rifles, The Gletcher Parabellum Airgun, Blue Book of Gun Values Top Ten Firearms Industry Award Colt Python Replica

Volume 5 Number 2 - April, May, June 2015

A look at the AirForce Texan, RWS Diana LP8, SHOT Show 2015, Gletcher Airguns: Good Quality and Fair Price, The Right Now Range, Use Enough Airgun, Scope Your MK I/II, What a LARC!, The Prewar Diana 5 Air Pistol, No Brag, Just Fact for this Texan, A Replica of a Classic, Industry Day at the Range, The Targ-Aire Pistol, Hot Air, Stop Canting Errors, Youth Shooting Sports Alliance, American Airgunner TV at SHOT, Review of the Fireamrs Guide DVD 5th Edition, Walther LGV,- Tips Tricks and Recommendations, Put your wood stocked Marauder on a diet, Convert your Marauder to a bottle fed, The 1861 Shiloh

Volume 5 Number 1 - January, February, March 2015

The Rapid Air Weapons RAW HM1000X, NRA Special Edition COLT 1911, Texas-Where Deer Season Is Always Open, Where Were You When…?, Optisan’s Mamba, The Croman Single Action 6, Remington 1911 RAC CO2 BB Pistol, 75th Anniversary Daisy Red Ryder, Umarex M712 Full-Auto, New Umarex HK 45 Air Pistols, Me, my buddy, and airsoft, The Flürscheim Air Pistol, A Look Inside Pyramyd Air, HatsanUSA’s AT44 QE HOT AIR, Airgun Shows, Grouse And Lions In The High Country, Resealing The American Luger, Toys for Big Boys, Legends P.08 BB pistol The Next Generation’s Pumper

Airgun Hobbyist 2015 package

Airgun Hobbyist 2015, contains all four issues, only $32.00(includes shipping.)

Volume 4 Number 4 - October, November, December 2014

Inovairtech's MAC35, Hooked on Air after First Hunt, Daystate Wolverine Model B, Tell II Air Pistol, The Daisy Powerline 44: Movie Insprired? New Products from Umarex USA, It's a Little Odd, Hot Air, Prairie Dogs: A Hunt or a Shoot?, The Daisy Family Room Shootin Set HatsanUSA: Serious. Solid. Impact., A Look at the Diana 48 the Germ BESA, Daisy Museum: Revisited, Optisan Optics USA's Cobra, Daisy National BB Gun Championship Match, The Umarex Legends Makarov Ultra, Lacy the Airgun Hog Dog, A Practical Compressor that's Affordable

Volume 4 Number 3 - July, August, September 2014

Airgun Pigeon Hunt Provides Great Sport-Excellent Eating, The Haenel Model 100 Air Pistol, Slim is in: Walther PPS, Project X Sotry, Big Bore's for Big Boar, Airgns at the NRA 143 Annual Meeting, Daisy It all Starts Here, Umarex Fusion, Traditional Looks Meet High Technology, What Caliber is That?, The Hatsan Sniper 125, Field Targets, NRA Special Edition Colt 1911, The Benjamin Air Rifle Company, At the 143 National Rifle Association's Annual Meetin, Optisan Optics USA's Viper Scope, Hatsan USA's AT44W-10, What's my Airgun Worth, STI Duty One, The Elegant Crosman C40 and CB40 Pistols, An FLZ Original V Target Mitllita, Getting Ready for the Hunt, It Just Works, Case-Gard Ammo Pouch, Tac-Boss Series Mod250XT, The Daisy Indoor Skeet Shoot

Volume 4 Number 2 - April, May, June 2014

SHOT Show 2014, Umarex Mini Uzi, Hunting the Hatsan BT-65!, SHOT Show 2014 Experience, Three New Survival Rifles From AirForce, That's A Daisy, A New Dan Wesson, The Birth of the Daisy Model 25, The Remington Express Air Rifle, Hatsan Galatian Review, Heir Conditioning, Benjamin: An American Icon, Emily Get Her Airgun, Optisan Optic's Mamba Lite, Umarex Legends C96, Coming Soon from Hatsan USA, A Visit at the Daisy Museum, Airgun Hunting: Starting with Squirrels, Colt 1911 WWII Commemorative Edition

Volume 4 Number 1 - January, February, March 2014

The Evanix GTL 480S, Going by the Letters, A Loo Inside the Umarex USA Complex, Anne's First, Umarex TAC, Red Ryder Scope Mount, Field Target, Cometa Indian, The Unique BSF 54M Match Air Rifle, Hatsan Model 25 & Super Tact, The African Airgun Safari, Hunting Steel Critters with a Sheridan, Winchester M-14, Benjamin 392 Pump-Assist Air Rifle, A Quick Look at the New Umarex C96, What IS that Air Rifle, The BB Firing Crosman 1911, My First Field Target Shoot, Umarex Octane, North Carolina Air Gun Show, The Rapid Air Weapons TM1000, Crosman Model 137

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Volume 3 Number 4 - October, November, December 2013

Lights, Camera, American Airgunner, Hatsan Edge in Muddy Girl Camo, Umarex XGB, Duck Commander, Daisy BB Gun Championship, Night Hunting, Made in the United States: AirForce Airguns, A Couple of Smith Airgun Custom 1377s, Webley & Scott Alecto, Walther Lever Action, Selmar Eggers: From Harpoons to Darts, Building A Red Ryder, The QB78 Repeater Story, The Science of the Aperture, H&K MP5K-PDW Powerhouse Valve System, It's A Daisy?, Something a Little Different, Sun Optics USA's Green Lamp/Last

Volume 3 Number 3 - July, August, September 2013

Umarex P.08 Review, Webley & Scott Stingray, HatsanUSA AT-P2 "Tactical" Pistol/Carbine, Air-A-Tac Rifle Scope, The RWS C225 Pistol, It's A Daisy, Long Before Photoshop, Crosman 357 Moments, Airguns at the NRA 142 Annual Meeting, Benjamin Trail NP Break Barrel Pistol, The Eyes Have it or Do They?, A Plinker's Point of View: Condor Vs TalonP, How Do I Improve My Trigger Pul, Good Enough - Never is, The Amazing Wlather LGV Competition Ultra, Tale of Three Tells, Air Rifle or Rimfire For Small Game Hunting?, Hunting the Tin Can, Benjamin NP Rifle Series, A Restoration of Eureka Diane, Happy Trails to the Benjmain EB & HB Series, Test Report: The Umarex Walther P-38, Airsoft Corner: New ICS M-1 Barand Battle Rifle, Single Stroke Pneumatics

Volume 3 Number 2 - April, May, June 2013

SHOT Show 2013, The Umarex UZI, New From AirForce, Hatsan USA's AT44 goes Totally Tactical, Sheridan - End of an Era, The Smith Long Rifle, The Art of Airgun Engraving, Learning to Shoot, Hey, I have this Question about QB78 Air Rifles, It's A Daisy, Webley & Scott Rebel, Putting Things into Perspective, Airsoft Corner, The Ruger Air Hawk, The Electronic Calls for the Airgun Hunter, New Product Review, Benjamin Soldered in Valve

Volume 3 Number 1 - January, February, March 2013

Browning Airguns Hi Power MK III, The P-Rod Double, One I Hope They Bring Back, Falke 90 - Rare Airgun or Not? AirForce Talon on CO2, It's A Daisy, CT Custom Airguns WFTF Diana 54, Report of the 2nd Annual Extreme Benchrest Competition, The Webley & Scot Value Max .20 Caliber Springer, Hunting Airgun: Power Requirement, Product Spotlight, The AirForce Condor: A Versatile Airgun, Hey, I Have this Question about QB78 Air Rifles, Crosman Backpacker, A Blast from the Past, Reborn, Umarex Browning Buckmark URX, Shootin' Sheridans, 20th Anniversary Daisy Get Together Hits the Bulls Eye, William Schneider and His Airgun Masterpiece, Blue Collar Pigeons, My First Time on the Line

Volume 2 Number 4 - October, November, December 2012

The Umarex Avian Challenge, Winchester Model 11, The PPSH-41, An Airgunner's Dream, Crosman Torrent, Product Spotlight, Silent Staker Whisper, The Elusive Diana 14 Mauserverschluss, AirForce TalonP, Airgun Benchrest Competition, The Integrabase, Coming Full Circle, Daystate Big Bore, Workshop Project to Production Floor, Airguns: The Ultimate Survival Tool? A Michigan Airgun Adventure, Hatsan Model 125 Sniper, Schimel Reseal

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